VirtWire 即将关门,Gestiondbi 将接手其客户



据了解,这次VirtWire的NAT VPS部分用户找到的接受商家是Gestiondbi。熟悉NAT的朋友都是知道,Gestiondbi 也是以NAT VPS为特色,此次转移也还算合情合理。就在今天,大皮收到了Gestiondbi 家的邮件。

除了一堆废话之外,邮件提到了一件特别重要的事情就是:VirtWire将在9月23日彻底关张换句话说,这意味着用户最好在9月23号之前向Gestiondbi 提交工单,申请迁移(虽然官方提供的日期是10月14号)。


Dear Virtwire NAT customers,


You will find below, some important information regarding the recent VirtWire closure announcement.


Gestion DBI staff will try to keep all servers from VirtWire (NAT only) up and running until September 23, 2016. We try to deal with some of their provider to maintain contract, but it’s difficult to keep some of the location alive passed this date.


We then, suggest you to take a FULL backup of your VPS data prior this date, and we should say, As Soon As Possible!


As Ryan (VirtWire owner) said in his previous email, Gestion DBI offer a refugee plan. More information about this offer is available here:


You can also follow this thread on LowEndSpirit Forum to get the most recent information about this event:


Do not forget to take a backup of all your files as soon as possible to avoid any data loss. We can’t guarrantee how long their server will be running after this email is sent out.


N.B: Billing extension offer will be valid until October 14, 2016. Passed this date, no more billing extension refugee will be offered.


From all our team, sorry for any inconvenience the VirtWire closure may cause you.


With our warm regards,

Gestion DBI Team.

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